#LearningFirst Conference – In a Nutshell

I attended this first #LearningFirst conference and wanted to summarise the key messages that I left with. (The fact the day has inspired me to set up a blog is a result in itself!)

  • The profession has taken a public bashing over recent years, yet a large number of us gave up a Saturday for free, unpaid for the love my profession and to listen, share and learn.
  • Trust the professionals, allow us to develop our practice not create tick lists to beat people with. Things are more successful when ‘done with not done to‘.
  • Not enough cross phase work is done between Primary and Secondary, interestingly both sectors are so passionate and willing and just waiting to work together.
  • Assessment is not a spreadsheet, it’s a conversation. Assessment is a way a teacher decides if the pupil has learnt something and are ready to move on, or if they have gaps that need to be addressed.
  • Teachers need to be given time for purposeful learning discussions and to rid the endless box ticking that is being used to be able to demonstrate to those outside of the classroom that progress is being made.
  • Those who gave up their day spoke so passionately about their vision for a new direction and how to get there. This message needs spreading, as many who didn’t hear these messages would benefit from doing so.

Thank you to everyone who made the day such a positive one, and for starting the ball rolling.



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